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Percheron Plastics

Percheron Plastics Corporation, a subdivision of the innovative design firm JAH Innovations Inc, has been an integral part in the implication of plastic products. We work in conjunction with JAH Innovations Inc. to develop creative and custom designs made from variable plastics that impact several different industries.  

We spend quality time finding and developing the best plastics from the world's top manufacturers. Because we are a smaller company than major plastic companies, we have the freedom to select only the best cutting edge designs and high quality plastics. We carry patented designs that currently impact the hospitality, food service, and retail industry.

Durable Dinnerware and Tuff Trays are designed to be strong.Shop with confidence with our upcoming shopping cart. Our sight will be  SSL secured, guaranteeing you a safe, convenient way to shop. Your credit card information is safe and secure. And, we NEVER share personal information with any third-party vendors. Please have your FEIN # available during order processing. 

    CUSTOMIZATION OF PACKAGING for businesses with a need to push their own brand.  Whether your company is: packaging produce, food items or freezer items we are able to customize designs just for your business.

Percheron Plastics Corporation customizes products for: restaurants, food chains, retail stores, hotels, charities,  produce companies, organizations, and grocery items. 

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Percheron Five Compartment Tuff Tray with Utensil Holder

· Five compartments that can be used for meat, two vegetables, bread, dessert, utensil/condiment holder

Percheron Dual Tuff Tray with Utensil Holder

· For salad/dressing, appetizer/sauce, dessert/ice cream, sandwich/chips, hotdog/fries, and utensil/condiment holder

· Designed to hold hot and cold food items and can be put into the microwave, freezer, or refrigerator.




 A durable concept in dinnerware that accompanies the Tuff Tray series.


ADAM'S CREATIONS, a division of Percheron Plastics Corporation, develops and customizes fast food storage containers. 


Adam's Creations designs and customizes product for fast food chains and hotel chains.


Sample of an Adam's Creations Custom Fast Food Storage Container (Customize upon order)

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